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Everything is chemistry. Nature is chemistry. Drinking a cup of tea made from Thyme against cough is chemistry. Putting Marigold lotion on scratched knees is chemistry. Salicylic acid - originally isolated from willow bark and nowadays known as Aspirin - is chemistry. 

It's sad that various corporations today have almost convinced us that herbal supplements are ineffective. Maybe it's because synthetic supplements are much cheaper to produce. 

You can do it without. Without corporations. Without animal ingredients. Without bad conscience.

When I planted my first medicinal plant garden at the age of 18, I was fascinated by the variety of medicinal herbs that could be used for making ointments, tinctures and teas. It seemed as if for every ailment there was a herb grown. To deepen my knowledge in this direction, I studied biology and later chose to specialize in botany and phytochemistry. I wanted to know exactly which plants had been used in past times, which subtances they contained and how they worked.

During my doctoral thesis, I focused on the analysis of food stuffs using molecular biological methods. Later, when I was the manager of an accredited laboratory for food safety, my work focused more on the detection of undesirable substances in foods, e.g. toxins, allergens and genetically modified organisms. After that, I worked as a product developer for drinks and nutritional supplements. All these experiences have led me to a point where I wanted to build my own label with my own recipes.

What makes the difference?

With this label, we want to stand out from the crowd of corporations and major manufacturers. We want to implement our vision and our knowledge and offer  added value to our customers.


The plant extracts used in our products have been used for thousands of years in a  variety of cultures. Together with the scientific and clinical studies that have explored their effectiveness, we are able to develop strong, sophisticated formulas.

Our products are produced under strict hygienic conditions. Our manufacturer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the processing of foodstuffs / food supplements as well to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2012 for medical products of the classes I and IIa. 


Our products aim for a long-term sustainable effect. That's why we do not use taurine, added caffeine or synthetic drugs. And since sustainability is very important to us, our products are also bottled in glass jars instead of plastic garbage.


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